About Bradley

On the 14th June 2000, Bradley was tragically killed in a road accident near his home in Hampshire, just four days after his 9th birthday.

Bradley was a beautiful, loving little man with an enormous zest for life and the biggest smile you have ever seen.

He was an exceptionally kind and caring child for his tender age and had a very playful and lively outlook on life. “ Life is all about having fun Mum and having lots of friends….and lots of sweets” he would tell me.
We used to often play the game: ‘ If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?’  Bradley’s were always the same: One, to bring back to life his lovely uncle Kevin, who sadly passed away from Cancer in 1995 after along courageous battle, at the young age of 36. Two, to buy a field so that all his friends would always have somewhere to play. Three, to please have three more wishes!.

Bradley seemed to only want what was precious in life, spending time and having fun with his family and friends. His little face would light up the room and if that didn’t work then reciting one of only three jokes that he ever  knew, would do the trick.

Bradley was a joy and a little sunbeam. He had an ‘old soul’ many people would say but sadly it was only ever to live in young heart.

The 10th June 2012 would have been Bradley’s 21st birthday. So, to honour the memory of a very special little angel, with the help of so many wonderful people, we have set up this wonderful foundation.

The aim is to raise funds to help and support young people and children with cancer. We will do this in many ways but with the emphasis, always, on having FUN.